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With more than one hundred thousand customers worldwide who chose Dartfish, we selected some of them to share with you.

World Taekwondo Federation

This dartfish.tv channel holds 3 years of video footage of all competitions. It provides a very detailed video library with many filtering and searching options.

All videos are automatically tagged from the scoring system, available by private or public access, and are distributed through the Web TV interface or the mobile application (iPhone, iPad, or Android).

United World Wrestling

The project provides a free accessible Video on Demand (VOD) solution of all the latest international competitions.

The videos are well organized on this Dartfish TV channel, including an automatic graphic overlay from the scoring system. The video platform is accessible via the Web TV interface on mobile devices.

International Hockey Federation

The FIH video platform shares edited educational video content, explaining the rules of Hockey to the FIH community: referees, athletes, coaches, etc.

Their Dartfish solution includes use of editing software and dartfish.tv for publishing, featuring an easy to navigate video Library.

European Judo Union

A complete VOD and archiving solution to cover all international competitions where European athletes are performing. It includes software for advanced match analysis and tagging, as well as a global video platform to publish the videos for multiple audiences: NFs, athletes, coaches, families, fans, etc.

The last 4 years, video archives have been added to the library to make it one of the largest online Competitions’ library in the world of sport.

United States Tennis Association

Players are filmed and compared to top pros. Analysis is then uploaded to each player’s private “locker”, for viewing by player, coach and parents. In this case, dartfish.tv provides collaboration between players, coach, and USTA National Coach.

USTA also uses TV to document data on players for talent ID and research. They can access this content through a custom mobile app developed by Dartfish for the USTA.

United States Ski and Snowboard Association

Used by the US Ski and Snow Board Federation for event video, sports medicine, drills, training, and analysis. This is the Coach and Athlete Development network of the United States Ski and Snowboard Association.

This site features a variety of video clips on a range of topics from general sports education to detailed analysis of the latest techniques used at the World Cup level. Their goal is to provide instructional resources that will help raise the level of snow sport performance across the US.

United States Volleyball

USAV’s Coaching Performance Series of instructional video: provides samples of the instructional video and teaching techniques for each of the fundamental skills, which is available via subscription.

USAV Coaching Education partners with Dartfish to provide invaluable tools for demonstrating, teaching, and analyzing each technique and system illustrated in the Series.

Swiss Ski

The swiss Ski federation has several dartfish.tv platforms for different disciplines. They use the Dartfish solutions to upload training sessions during off season as well as competitions during the season. It helps athletes and coaches to improve remotely throughout the whole year.

Reference clips are also uploaded and are shared with the coaching community of Swiss Ski. This way the organization possesses the tools to educate their coaches at a very high level.

Swiss Football

The swiss soccer federation is using Dartfish for multiple purposes:
- Player development
- Coaching education
- Referee education
- Game analysis

Together with their 13 partnerships in the different region, the swiss soccer federation is using dartfish.tv to identify the potential of the youth player and can therefore in a more efficient way detect their talents for the youth national teams.

A centralized video database with reference video clips on dartfish.tv has been developed to give coaches all around Switzerland access. It is a great coaching tool to help them improve the players on a daily basis.

USA Taekwondo

USA Taekwondo utilizes video replay and records events for subscription on dartfish.tv. The high performance taekwondo team utilizes a private website for preparation, scouting, and education of the National USA Taekwondo Team.

British Tennis - Lawn Tennis Association

The Lawn Tennis Association has chosen Dartfish for different major video projects:

1. An online video platform for scouting of athletes and screening for the National performance center.

2. A match analyses project aiming to set Dartfish Tagging technology as a standard for all LTA coaches in the UK, and for gathering statistical information on all matches in the UK.

British Weight Lifting

Dartfish is the favoured performance analysis software and video hosting platform for British Weight Lifting. Posting footage from competitions on dartfish tv has allowed athletes and coaches to review their lifts while also allowing the wider membership and public to watch on-line.

Restricted folders are used by Performance coaches to share and discuss training footage with athletes training remotely. Going forward BWL are looking at how Dartfish can be used to provide additional membership benefits and enchance coach education delivery at all levels.

British Gymnastics

British Gymnastics uses Dartfish to provide access to high quality training and competition footage for their high performance coaches, athletes, and support staff. They are developing a range of services with the help of Dartfish, including the continued development of their judging community.

British Swimming

British Swimming has used dartfish.tv since 2009 as the preferred web platform for sharing video clips amongst its World Class Programme coaches and sport science and medical staff.

Whilst dartfish.tv provides a secure environment with a simple system for cataloguing, tagging and sharing comments on video clips British Swimming has found it an effective web based tool for promoting awareness and communication on activities such as a swimmer’s technique in the pool, land based training activity and self-management exercises.

During the London 2012 Olympics British Swimming used dartfish.tv as the web platform to distribute competition footage to swimmers and coaches.


National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA) Mission Statement: As the worldwide authority on strength and conditioning, we support and disseminate research-based knowledge and its practical application, to improve athletic performance and fitness.

Our channel provides NSCA members visual examples of proper training techniques with written educational expertise.

French Soccer Federation

The French Soccer Federation has three dartfish.tv channels.
The first channel is used for high level soccer teams (French national teams – men/women and U21 to U16 national teams). This comprehensive database contains enriched analyzed videos of:
- national teams (game debriefing)
- opponent teams (preparation for future games)
- individual player performances

Referees are the target audience for the second platform. This channel contains content rich videos used for education and for follow-up on their refereeing performance during soccer games.

All Division 3 games are uploaded to the Federation’s third dartfish.tv channel and are shared with all the teams.

French Handball (Federation and League)

The French Handball Federation and the League operate four dartfish.tv channels in total. All games from the 1st Division (men) are uploaded on the first channel. The second channel contains all games from the 1st Division (women) and the 2nd Division (men). All the clubs in these divisions can view and download videos on these two channels.

The third TV platform is managed by the “Direction Technique Nationale” to upload analyzed games of both the men’s and women’s national teams, providing analyses of the opponent teams, as well as performances of individual players. Additional content is used for the Federation’s educational program.

The fourth platform is used by handball referees and is managed by the French Central Refereeing Commission. This channel contains enriched videos used for referee education and for follow-up on their refereeing performance during handball games.

French Gymnastics Federation

The French Gymnastics Federations owns one dartfish.tv for each discipline, bringing the total amount of its channels to 7!
- men’s artistic
- women’s artistic
- rhythmic
- trampoline
- aerobic
- acrobatic
- gymnastics for all

Every platform is used for 3 purposes which are:
1. creation of educational content used for the Federation’s educational program
2. follow-up and coaching of high level athletes
3. education and training of the judges

French Roller Federation

Initially, the Federation owned 3 platforms:
1. inline roller championship: game exchange
2. roller hockey championship: game exchange
3. “Direction Technique Nationale”: upload of all the national team’s games and educational content

These 3 platforms have recently been merged into one TV channel since the Federation needed all the content to be available on one branded application.

French Ski Federation

All the freestyle competitions are filmed and shared on dartfish.tv as public content so that anyone has access to the videos. Dartfish.tv was the perfect solution to reach the audience in a sport that is not often broadcasted on television.

French Badminton Federation

Raw matches are uploaded in personal collections that the coach shares with his/her athlete. Educational content is used for the Federation’s educational program.

French Table Tennis Federation

Raw matches are uploaded in personal collections that the coach shares with his/her athlete. Some educational content is used for the Federation’s educational program.

French Fencing Federation

Each athlete has his/her own personal collection to review performance. Videos available in these collections are tagged with EasyTag.

Spanish Handball League

The Spanish Handball League dartfish.tv channel is used by all the first division clubs for game exchange.

Italian Judo Federation

The Italian Judo Federation provides all judo fans with videos of national competitions by uploading them to its dartfish.tv channel and making it accessible to the public.